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trip to London

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London sightseeing tour

You are a tour operator organising sightseeing tour of London for a group of foreign tourists, who will be in London next month. With the help of the information given to you about the groups of interests organise a full day´s sightseeing for them.

Group information

five people would like to visit the Tower of London
three people would like to visit Buckingham Palace
seven people would like some time to go shopping
three people would like to visit Hyde Park
six people would like to visit Houses of Parliament
two people would like to visit the London Eye

Identify the photographs below . If you need further information , go to :

well-known sights in London

We will discover some of London's history and traditions as well as enjoying all the modern aspects of London that make it such a fascinating city. London is an exciting, cosmopolitan city. I don't think you will get bored for a minute!

viernes, 9 de marzo de 2007



-Activity: BINGO. Whole class
-Aim: to play a game of bingo and to recognise the past simple form of irregular verbs as the infinitive is called out.
-Grammar and functions: Past simple forms of irregular verbs.
-Vocabulary: Irregular verbs
-Preparation: Make copies of the bingo cards so that students have one each. Make one copy of the verb grid and cut it up, so each verb is on a separate card. Make one copy of the verb grid and do not cut it up.

Time: 30 to 40 minutes.

1.-Give one bingo card to each student in the class
2.-Tell the students that you are going to call out the infinitive of verbs and that they should put a cross in the box next to the past simple form of these verbs as they hear them.
3.-Explain that the object of the game is for the students to get a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of crosses on their bingo card. When they have done this, they should shout “bingo”
4.-Shuffle the verbs from the cup-up verb grid and put the complete verb grid in front of you. Each time you call out a verb, place it on top of the same verb on the verb grid.
5.-When someone shouts “BINGO”, ask them to call out the infinitives of the past simple verbs they have got in their line and check on the verb grid in front of you that these verbs have been called out. If they have, the student is the winner.
6.-Ask the students to rub out the crosses on their bingo cards and exchange them .Repeat the activity. The winner of the last game takes over from the teacher and calls out the infinitives.


The main objective is to offer students a wide range of activities , wich provide practice in speaking, reading and writing. All the activities have been tried many times in the classroom. You can use the activities in different ways.
-to extend lessons
-to revise specific structures, language or vocabulary.
-to suplement any activities.
Each activity has teacher´s notes. When you have selected the activity you wnat to use, check them to find out how long the activity will take and what preparation is required.